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office address change notice

office address change notice

the general new old customers:

company headquarters for development needs, office address from china diamond business square 18 building 1807, moved to the tenth floor 1008, phone contact unchanged.

headquarters office address: zhejiang wenzhou station road china diamond business square number 1008.

contact: zhouding is 13738300118

supply and marketing department: 0577-89000818

the ministry: 0577-89000718

production management: 0577-89000618

operator: 0577-86075696 0577-89000228

fax: 0577-89075689; 0577-86075690

we inform you that!

wenzhou gold the color pigment chemical co., ltd

wenzhou baise to fine pigment chemical co., ltd

march 18,2012

contact us
tel: 86 0577 89000828
sales: 86 0577 89000618/89000818
foreign trade:13587601938(miss zhao)
fax: 86 0577 86075689/86075690
trade mail:
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