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2011 12th chongqing international coatings, inks and adhesives exhibition

venue: chongqing international convention and exhibition centre (nanping)
12th chongqing international coatings show (referred: coatchongqing2011,), the international specialized mode of operation in the western most state-of-the-art large-scale integrated exhibition and conference venue - chongqing international convention and exhibition centre. more than 100 chinese and foreign media tracking reports, and enter into comprehensive, strong promotion of multi-level, high level of supporting activities will "coatchongqing2011, spice, perfect combination to achieve the best combination of technology and academic. chongqing and western markets, domestic and foreign businessmen to open up the domestic enterprises to go to participate in international competition in the market to create opportunities and conditions.
scope of exhibits: chemicals and raw materials, production and packaging equipment, testing equipment, safety and environmental protection equipment and other services, a variety of coatings.
participation conditions: the new information point for the expansion of our products in the country southwest of market operations, improve product awareness, to find the product development and business development breakthrough.
welcome new and old customers to visit our booth (b095).
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