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the majority of the old and new customers:
continuously improve the company's development and the requirements of an increasingly competitive market, there are some staff to use our name of selling products. in order to normalize trade customers, as well as to the responsibility for delivering products, i stepped up the marketing chain management, in particular to make the following statement:
1, the original business: zhanghua yun, ye hailong, ye haibing had left, no longer belong to the division i staff, information and contact information are not my company information on the network;
2, division i, division i stamped and certified;
3, all models do information and company information are provided by our company and the official seal, there is no other individuals to do the section information;
4, such as the others and has customers and use our marketed under the name, please contact with us to ensure that customer interests are not lost; continue to cooperate, the consequences of division i shall not be responsible for, such as damage to the reputation of the division i, will pursue their legal obligations;
5, wenzhou city, one hundred color pigment chemical co., ltd., wenzhou city, baise have fine pigment chemical co., ltd. office address: wenzhou city, zhejiang province, china union, station avenue business plaza, no. 1807, contact: zhou ding positive (13,738,300,118), zhou dingxing (13738319818) tel 577 -89000618, 577 -89075689;
6, the division i perennial legal adviser: zhejiang province, a strong shield law firm, lawyer zhang jun bin.
hereby declare

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