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joint statement

joint statement

the general new old customers:

wenzhou baise to fine pigment chemical co., ltd. after nearly 10 years development, improve popularity at home and abroad. in 2010 the company after the shareholders' committee agreed to, through the stock was changed the corporation-wenzhou gold color pigments hundreds chemical industry co., ltd. for developing foreign marketing work, the registered trademark "gold the color" "jinbaicai"

wenzhou baise to fine pigment chemical co., ltd. as the wenzhou city gold the color pigment chemical co., ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary in china at the end of the other cities to xx city baise to paint chemical co., ltd. set up branches, its management behavior and we have nothing to do.

market supervision and contact way:

headquarters office address: zhejiang wenzhou station road china diamond business square number 1008.

contact: zhouding is 13738300118

the telephone number: 0577-89000618, fax: 0577-89075689;

our company perennial legal adviser: zhejiang strong shield law firm zhangjunbin lawyer.

i hereby certify that!

wenzhou gold the color pigment chemical co., ltd

wenzhou baise to fine pigment chemical co., ltd

on may 8, 2012

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